Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let's introduce ourselves

Hello and welcome to our first blog posting here at Kicking Mule Farm. We are located in SW MN, between Redwood Falls and Marshall in a small town called Lucan. Lucan has gained a small amount of notoriety lately as a result of a very wonderful brewery here, Brau Brothers.

Our farm is owned by Stephen Suss and Molly Christopher. We have two children as well, Miles and Frances. We moved here last year from Minneapolis, MN. We spent our first year fixing up the house and the outbuildings, now we are beginning to add some farming into the mix.

So where did our name come from, anyway? Here at Kicking Mule, we like to make lemonade from lemons. Shortly after moving here last fall, we brought our mule, Blackie, to join us on the farm. Shortly after that, our daughter Frances had a bit of a run in with him. Let's just say we came to understand that mules can and do indeed kick.

You can anticipate finding regular contributions from me and Steve, ranging from what is growing in the garden to what is going on with our buildings. Stay awhile and check it out as we offer you a glimpse of our dreams, failures, and accomplishments.



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  1. Yeah! It's great to see you guys have a blog, so I can get some idea about your lives. I love the name Kicking Mule Farm! You guys are awesome.