Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few quick farm updates

By now you have gotten your first CSA box and we hope you are enjoying it! We wanted to give a few quick updates on other happenings in our neck of the fields :)

1. Steve is busy building a hayloft in the barn to hold food for Blackie this winter.
2. We were interviewed last week by a gentleman at our house that works for the local Redwood Falls newspaper regarding our CSA, we'll provide a link when we get one.
3. We went to LaCrosse, WI this weekend to celebrate Molly's paternal grandma's 95th birthday! Happy Birthday, Grandma Marcie, we love you!
4. Weeds, weeds, weeds. If only crops grew like weeds do! It has been quite interesting trying to keep up, especially in those pesky onion seedling rows...
5. Val, Molly's boss, came for a visit with her kids and worked with Blackie the mule. She has a background in training horses and has been a HUGE help as we have been pre-occupied with other projects.

Have a great week, everyone. We will send out a new post by Thursday to let you know what to expect in your next box.



  1. Awesome stuff...we are eating well today!

  2. i know that you've started your boxes, but how do we buy a share? also, where else do you deliver besides the cities?

  3. also wanting to know if you have any oak trees where the pigs forage, so they can snack on acorns?
    Best of luck to you all!

  4. hey robjill,
    You could get in on a share by contacting us at
    We could possibly arrange a delivery outside of the twin cities.
    The pigs do not have any oak trees, but thye do get our leftovers as well as loads of apples in the fall :)

  5. Weeds suck. I have been spraying mine with vinegar and dishsoap. I even got Chris to do it WITHOUT a hazmed suit! Seems to be working, but you have to be super careful not to spray anything you want to keep.