Monday, April 12, 2010

The greenhouse...

Up up and away!
The greenhouse has been an act of courage as we set it up without a proper kit. We put it up on a calm day and then spent the next two nights up listening to wind tear into it, wondering if it would stand. It has and is complete. If anyone ever has questions on how to set it up, please contact us and we will help walk you through, parenting is so much easier with friends!

Everything starts small...

A post with pics from our newest arrivals!
The first is of the seedlings we have in the greenhouse. Currently we have leeks, onions, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower. We have pepper, eggplant, herb, and cucumber seedlings inside. Direct seeded rows of spinach, lettuce, and beets are now in the ground.
The second pic is of the garlic rows poking out of the straw covering. They are growing leeps and bounds!
The third is of our "new" garden tractor, a circa 1970 Wheel Horse. The Beast has the potential to do all we need to do, but could use a few more attachments, like a tiller. We bought this beauty in Mankato with a mower and snow thrower. No more getting stuck on our gravel road! We are looking for a plow or some such to attach to make this the complete needs vehicle.
The last picture shows our new baby ducklings. These pictures are taken at about two weeks old. We are unsure of the breed or exact age of the babies.