Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 14 Delivery

In the box this weekend was:
Delicata Squash
Ornamental Mini squash
Pie pumpkin Squash
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Rosa Bianca Eggplant
Japanese Eggplant
Red Bell Peppers
Mini Yellow (Orange) Bell Peppers
Hot Peppers --Jalepeno, Hungarian Carrot
Various Herb Pack
and a few things I have forgotten I am sure...
Next week is the last delivery of the season and barring major frost we hope to go out with a bang. We will be delivering lots of winter squash (delicata, butternut, red curi), and even a jack-o-lantern if you let us know you want one. Also on the winter saver list will be parsnip, brussel sprouts, maybe some broccoli, and everything left in the garden that we can fit into the box.
We have really, really enjoyed working for you all this year and hope that we will see you back next year. As the spring season approaches, look for us to update the blog with ordering information for next year.
Our cost will go up (not yet determined) as this was a trial season for us all. Our deliveries will increase from 15 to 17+. We are adding a greenhouse to kickstart spring and hope to offer eggs and maybe farm raised chicken as an add on. We hope to have the same size delivery (1 1/9 bushel boxes), and may be offering half shares as well.
Please let us know what you loved and what you would have liked. We will be ordering seeds in the winter and would love to accomodate peoples preferences as much as possible.
See you next week!

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