Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 13

Came and went without us having a chance to post. I (molly) had to work on Friday evening, or packing day, so I am unsure what variety we sent although I do know that it closely resembled the week before.
We spoke to one CSA member who mentioned something mold-like on the potatoes. Please let us know if anyone else had this experience, as we are trying to pinpoint what it may be a result of. We harvest everything the day prior to delivery and want to be sure we are not sending anything that is not fresh and good.
It was also a busy weekend because we "harvested" the chickens that we decided to eat. It was a tough process to get through, but as omnivores we felt a desire to be more connected to the process of our food, even the less than fun processes. Thanks to our friend Christina who drove out from Minneapolis to assist.
We will be delivering for two more weeks, through the first weekend in October. We will install our hoop house in late fall and go for 17-20 deliveries next year.
Sorry to say we are still waiting for eggs. I am about ready to do a chicken dance in front of the hen house.
Happy eating!

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