Saturday, August 8, 2009

Week 7 Delivery

Hello all,

Week 7 Delivery:

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Cucumbers (pickling and slicing)

Napa Cabbage

Green Top Carrots

Swiss Chard

Herb Bunch of parsley, dill, cilantro and basil

Yellow Zucchini

Hot Peppers (Jalapeno and banana)

Red Russian Kale

Japanese Eggplant

Green Beans

Diakon Radish

Sorry that this blog falls on the day you get your box, and so no advance notice, but we have again had a very busy week on the farm. Those of you that get our CSA will learn more about the adventures of our 8 human guests and 2 dog guests...but I am sure you can guess that it both helps and hinders production on the farm.

We were blanketed with a heavy 2 day rain this week and are now looking at the skies and praying for warm sunshine. I find it amazing as a produce producer how all thoughts in the growing season turn to the weather. Tomatoes are literally hanging from the vines...but alas still green. A good helping of sun and heat is all they need to make their glorious transition and we are hopeful it will be this week. Corn is almost ready, we taste-tested on packing day and found it a bit too starchy still, and hope it will get its sweetness this week and be ready for box 8. I jumped up and down as I entered the brassica rows and found loads of little cauliflower and broccoli heads, finally opening up to the rain and air. They will be coming soon as well. Finally, melons and squash galore continue to ripen on huge vines that snake this way and that throughout the garden.

In news outside of the dirt, I (Molly) am on the tail end of my employment in the Twin Cities. While I will miss my ten year tenure of co-op magic very much, I am very excited for a quiet winter on the farm, in my bed each night, seeing my babies every morning, and avoiding a sometimes treacherous two and a half hour drive on MN winter roads. I have accepted a position at my son, Miles', school and will be assisting the kindergarten teacher with excited and eager five year olds. How sweet life is.

Additionally, the hens are reaching maturity and we are cautiously anticipating the start of eggs at the end of August / beginning of September. This means our CSA supporters may indeed get close to a month of fresh eggs in their weekly deliveries.

We will start to forecast the end of our CSA season soon, but our hope is to deliver until at least the first week of October, making your share total at 15 boxes this year. Many full season (and more pricey) CSA's have a 17 week season, so we feel pretty good about our first run, considering our tardy start due to a string of plowing predicaments. Keep in mind that next year we are doubling by way of additional land and a 24' by 96' hoop house. We are hoping to make at least 17 deliveries as a result.

Attached is a picture of what you will see in your box this week. Happy August and we'll write again soon.

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