Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week 10 and rounding the corner into fall has been getting down-right chilly at night in SW MN. Tonight I have heard into the low 40's! It doesn't seem much like August in the air, but the calender says it is so I've got to believe it. We completed another large harvest this week and here is what you got in your box:

Heirloom Tomatoes
Daikon Radish
Sweet Corn
Green Bell Peppers
Jalapeno Peppers (dark green)
Banana Peppers (yellowish green)
Hungarian Peppers (orange)
Japanese Eggplant
Thai & Sweet Basil
Italian Parsley
Green Top Golden Beets
Yellow Zucchini
and Bunched Greens (red russian or dino kale, or collards)

I took a walk to the winter squash field and can report back that things are looking great. We've got some huge pumpkins and many different types of squash still to come. Also up soon will be melons, parsnip, green cabbage, brussel sprouts, and celery. We had a really late and rather disappointing broccoli harvest so we gave it a second go and will hopefully have more to share in the last weeks. Also on their second round are sugar snap peas, beets, and I do believe some spinach.
Otherwise, Steve and I are gearing up to start our first real go at full-time country life. Steve heads back to the classroom as a teacher next week and I will be working as a paraprofessional and serving food and drinks on the side. Later this fall we will be adding some hydrants for water in the garden, greenhouse and for the animals. We also hope to purchase the neccesary coverings for the greenhouse.
It has been and continues to be a wonderful, hard, joyful, heartwrenching, exhausting, uplifting experience. I know alot of those words I threw out mean the opposite of eachother, but I mean every one of them. There is something so magical yet so downright hard about this kind of work. I never would have believed it before. Now I have such a magnificant gratitude towards all of the folks that have grown and raised all of the food I have eaten over the years. As I have said before, we welcome visitors out to see what's shaking, so get in touch if you are interested. I promise some pictures next week, I have been lazy in that aspect.
Wishing you a week of yummy eating.

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  1. I would like to visit.

    No to the apples?