Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Recipes for Weeks 4-5

Herbed New Potatoes

1-2 pounds of Potatoes (depending on the number of servings desired)
1/2 of a Small Bunch of Herbs (dill, parsley, chives, etc)
2 T Butter or Olive Oil
Sea Salt to taste
Cracked Pepper to taste

Scrub and cut potatoes into roughly 1 inch chunks, err on the larger side.

In a sauce pan, steam the spuds in 3/4 in of water until just tender.

Meanwhile, mince the herb of choice.

Drain spuds once tender. Add the olive oil or butter and herbs and cover until butter is mostly melted.

Gently fold the spuds and herbs until evenly coated. Salt and pepper to taste.

For a creamier version substitute 1/2 of the butter or oil with real cream.

Vegetable Stir Fry
This recipe can be modified depending on the veggies you have on hand. The key to stir fry is a hot wok, although a large non stick fry pan can work well. You also need a utensil to stire with; a wooden turner that fits the curve of the wok is best. Great and cheap bamboo utensiles can be found for only $2 at United Noodle in mpls. A perfect stir fry should maintain hints of the veggies original delicacy and texture. This is achieved by two things heat and timing. The pan and oil should remain quite hot at all times, in order to cook constantly and evenly. All veggies should be prepped before begining cooking if you are new to stir frying.
3-4 servings

1/2 onion
1-2 head pac choi
1/2 lb Green beans or peas.
1 pepper, hot or sweet
1 large or 2 med. summer squash
3 T Grape seed oil (or other high heat oil)
1 T rice vinegar
~1 T Soy sauce or fish sauce (to taste)
1/2 of a small bunch cilantro
Lime wedges
Rice or rice noodles as desired

First start your rice in the rice cooker so it will be done in plenty of time. If serving with rice noodles, begin the water to boil for them before you start chopping veggies.

Wash and Chop all veggies. The veggies can be chopped in strips or larger chunks. The only goal is to not cut the too small.
Onions in 1/4" strips,
Peppers: 1/4"-1/2" strips (depending on thickness),
Pac Choi: chop the darker leaf off where it ends on the stem, Mince the leaves they are always added lastly. The stems are to be chopped crosswise in 1/2" pieces.
Summer squash: 1/2" thick rounds,
Beans and peas are usually left whole or broken in half if they are longer.
De-stem and mince the cilantro, put in custard cup, and place on table.

If you are boiling rice noodles start them now. Or check the rice, don't start cooking until it only has about 6 minutes left.

In wok, turn on high heat and add oil. Now have a good sense of time.
When at frying temp add onions stir and turn often.
About 1 minute later, add beans. Stir and turn frequently.
About 1minutes later, add peppers. Stir and turn frequently.
About 1 minute, later add peas, summer squash, and pac choi.
Splash with the rice vinegar and any soy or fish sauce if desired. Stir and turn frequently.
Drain noodles and/or dish rice into bowls.
3 minutes later, add pac choi leaves. Stir and turn frequently.
after about 30 seconds remove from heat and stir a little more.

Serve over rice or noodles.
Sprinkle the mince cilantro liberally over stir fry.
Squeeze lime over the lot.

Other ideas to explore with stir fry:
When draining the rice noodles, run under cold water until thoroughly cool. Place a small handful of shredded mint leaves in the bowl before placing the noodles and stir fry atop. This makes a wonderful cooling meal.
Always garnish with liberal amounts of cilantro, chopped green onions and lime.
Add a half can of cocnut milk to the stir fry as you add the pac choi leaves for a heartier creamy dish.

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