Sunday, March 14, 2010

March in MN

We are almost to spring and almost filled with memberships! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have quite a few new members that have heard about us from last year members, which is the highest compliment we can hope for. Thank you for your trust in us, we are gearing up for a great season.

We will be in the April/May Seward Co-op publication, The Sprout, which will give co-op members a bit of information on our farm and our CSA. We will be at the Seward Co-op CSA Fair on April 24. If we have not personally met you yet, please come to the fair and meet us and many other CSA farmers from MN and WI. We know a few of the other farmers and it should be a lot of fun to see what everyone is up to. If you are still undecided about where you are going to get a CSA, it is a great place to make an informed decision, as there are loads of great hard-working farms represented there.
Currently we are busying ourselves with starting seedlings and getting our hoophouse up and going. Frances played the part of sow midwife last week as her grandpa welcomed 11 new piglets into the fold. She sat directly behind the sow and caught piglets, taking them to the mama to nurse. I see large animal vet in her future! Miles is working on the pork side of things and helping his grandpa with their website and blog for his enterprise, Miles of Pork. In Stephen's "spare time" he is installing a new bathroom with a tub! Oh glorious bath tub!!
Life is good and we continue to count our blessings. Winter has been hard this year, as poor weather has made for many days spent indoors and not many visitors or visits. We are looking forward to spring!
Here are a few photos from the season:

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