Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 15--The last of the season

It has come and past. First and foremost, thank you so much for your support this season. It has been met with trial, the occasional error, and a whole lot of growing. We appreciate your support, kind words, and constructive criticism. We hope to see many of you back next season as well.
Stephen forgot the leaflets for each box this week, so I will do my best to remember what we sent this last week:
red bell peppers
various hot peppers--Hungarian carrot, jalapeno, and Serrano
banana peppers
Yukon gold potatoes
suprise green bunch--dino or red Russian kale
Japanese eggplant
Rosa Bianca eggplant
green cabbage or brussel sprouts
Thai basil
butternut squash
delicata squash
red kuri squash
pie pumpkin
bunched yellow onions
and a jack-o-lantern if you requested it.

We will be in touch and let those of you that are interested know what is shaking later this winter. Again, thank you for trusting us to feed you. Let us know what you liked, didn't, and would like next year (garlic is already way on the top of the list). Being a small CSA, you have a big say in what we grow.
Next year we hope to have more of the same, things that get requested, as well as the beginning of our orchard fruit and eggs and farm raised chicken as add ons.

Thanks again,
Steve, Molly, Miles, Frances,
Pippi, Cosmo, Super,
Blacky and Timmy,
a whole bunch of chickens and
a few roosters.

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  1. You have our full and complete support. It was a wonderful experience I wish it could go on all year. I'm so proud of all of you. You guys deserved this! We're already dearing up with the neighbors for next year. LOVE THE DALLUMS